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Hi, my name is Murray, and I am a 3-year-old super spectacular dog. My family found me at an animal rescue shelter where I lived for a while. Before they adopted me someone else took me home for a couple of weeks, but they brought me back because we had a hard time adjusting to each other. Because of everything I went through I was shy and afraid, but my family has been very patient with me. I am now healthy and very happy!!

Do you want to hear something really funny? Everyone thought I would weigh about 10-pounds when I grew up, in fact everyone at the shelter called me Pee Wee. Boy did I surprise them, because now that I’m all grown up – I weigh 36 pounds! Hahaha!

Because he loves me so much, and also because I am so handsome, my daddy decided he wanted a picture of me. I hate to have my picture taken, but he got me to pose for him by bribing me with my favorite treat. My daddy is an artist, so he used the picture he took with his cell phone and created a very special design with it. He told me he was going to have it printed on a t-shirt so he could take me everywhere with him. And that’s just what he did!

My daddy loved his Murray Shirt (that’s what he called it) so much that he wore it all the time! Everywhere he went people would tell him how much they loved it, and they would say that they wanted a shirt with their pet on it too. So that’s how we started making Murray Shirts for people who love their pets – people just like you!

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